About Us

The Kopley Group is a multi-faceted and nationally respected company with thriving enterprises in the diverse spheres of Real Estate Development, Construction and Venture Capital.

The Real Estate Division of The Kopley Group specializes in the acquisition and development of distinctive residential real estate including both rental and new construction properties. The company owns more than one hundred million dollars in residential real estate.

The newly-formed Kopley Partners fuels the Real Estate Brokerage Divison within The Kopley Group. Presently marketing two of The Kopley Group’s loft projects, Renaissance Lofts and The Lofts at 1800 West Grace, Kopley Partners further serves as an asset to any development company in need of steadfast sales.

The Construction Division of The Kopley Group, Axios, manages the renovation and construction of all Kopley Real Estate holdings, including both new-development and rental property.

The Venture Capital Division, Big Blue Financial, LLC, syndicates, owns, operates and manages successful residential and commercial real estate across the nation. The company also plans to expand into the financial sector with the creation of a personal bank, opening in 2009.

Above all accolades, The Kopley Group is best regarded for the respect and integrity it brings to every business transaction. Simply said – The Kopley Group excels in the art of good customer service.

Driven by the creative spirit, energetic style and unwavering commitment of Founder and President, K. Nicholas Kopley, The Kopley Group is evidence that having the best product and brightest people makes all the difference.